Mouse Shaped Cat Food Dispenser Perfect For Your Cat

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Get This Mouse-shaped tumbler feeding utensil For Your Cat

Material: Plastic.

Color: Pink, white.

Size: 5x7cm/1.96×2.75inch.

Applicable object: Pet cat.

Toy Type: Automatic feeding machine, ball.


1, durable, simple operation, easy to use.

2, can be packed with food, guide cats to play and eat.

Product Features:

1, mouse-shaped tumbler feeding utensils, better attract the attention of your cat or dog, and attract them to play.

2, can store cat or dog food, so that you can better attract your pet.

3, once your pet plays and scrolls the pet feed, inside the food leaks through the small cute shape hole.

4, rolling plastic shape toys will give you very little food, which can prevent your pet from eating too much food at the same time, thus avoiding her asphyxiation and helping to digest.

5, automatic leak design can add more fun when your dog eats.

6, as a training education toy, this food feed can immediately reward your pet once they roll it in the right way.

7, made of high quality plastic, this pet feed is non-toxic and safe to store your kitten’s food.

Package includes:

1x Tumbler feeding Utensils.


Pink, White


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